Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Bird Repellent Devices and Animal Repellent Devices

Product Name: multifunction bird repellent device;
Product model: YD-Q3;
Input voltage: DC9V-DC24V;
Power supply type: AC, power adapter, battery and solar energy.
Main functions: voice bird repellent, flash repellent, ultrasonic drive birds.

YD-Q3 intelligent bird repellent device is a Guangzhou nine core electronic research and development of an ultrasonic drive bird, digital voice drive bird, automatic induction flash drive bird in one of multi-functional, high-tech bird displacing device, the drive bird has high scientific and technological content, wide coverage, remarkable effect, intelligent operation and other characteristics. The applications of this bird repellent include orchard, fish pond, farmland, vegetable garden, warehouse, residential roof, electric power and airport.

The bird repellent species of the herd bird include sparrows, turtles, egrets, hawks, white heads, magpies, kingfisher and all other birds, as well as different animals such as monkeys, wild boars, elephants and dogs.


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