Forklift Speed Governor
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Forklift Speed Governor
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Speed governor or speed limiter is a device designed to limit the speed of vehicle like truck, schools bus, car forklift and so on. Most of the speed governors are fitted because of the government regulations.

Nowadays, we are rearching and developing the devices as a fleet management tool. With the function real-time tracking, Geo-fence, and data recorded, the speed limiters are widely adapted by some government like Kenya, Nigeria and also some fleet teams. For the safety, the school buses and buses team should be installed the devices properly.

Also about the forklift speed limiter, it's a great tool to reduce the accidents and discipline the forklift team. With the lower prices but good quality control, the devices will save you a lot of costs in the very short time. For OEM/ODM to customize the functions you like, you can also contact us.