Speed Limiter

Combined Speed Governor GPS Tracker Fleet Management for Bulk Fleet

1. Working voltage DC 9-36V
2. Working currency: ≦100mA@12V
3. Stand-by current: ≦30MA
4. Demension: L147mm*W95mm*H32mm
5. Positioning deviation: <10m
6. Communication network: Support for quad band(GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz)
  • 1. Real-time management: The location of the vehicle can be easily accessed via WEB/Mobile APP/
  • 2. Track playback: Can query the vehicle's 3-month historical trajectory data;
  • 3. Mileage statistics: Vehicle mileage statistics inquiry;
  • 4. Parameter query: You can remotely query the parameters of the device, such as IP, port, device number, and return time.
  • 5. Geo-fence: Set the vehicle electronic fence alarm and fence speed limit;
  • 6. Remote parameter setting: Remote setting device parameters;
  • 7. Remote speed limit: Built-in speed limit relay, which can judge the overspeed automatic speed limit and the remote control speed limit issued by the platform;
  • 8. Oil off: With the relay, the oil circuit can be controlled and controlled remotely

Available for trucks, cars, buses, especially for bulk fleet


With an internet-access computer, track all your fleets. With admin account, you can also create unique user accounts for your customers respectively. Everyone can login can track their own vehicles.To see your fleet activities at one page: Time, Location, Speed, Route, Fuel Amount, Engine On/OFF Time, Engine Idle Time, Parking Report, Driving Report, Working Hours Report, Temperature Report, Image Report, Movement Report, etc.

Where have your vehicles gone and have your vehicles gone to forbidden areas? User your hand, draw an area on the map to define where the driver can go and where they can not. If they have go against the company policy, you will know at once either on computer or by Email alert. You can keep an eye on bulk fleets efficiently.

Nine Chip Co., Ltd have always been one of the most reliable, trustable and professional Combines Speed Governing System with GPS fleet tracking that offers accurate, real time, and second-to-second location based GPS information. Nine Chip fleet management system is mainly composed of 2 parts: GPS Vehicle Real-time Tracking Device and Speed Control System. With help of Nine Chip real time vehicle tracking system,you can not only make your fleets or vehicles save, but also improve the management efficiency.

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