High-tech design USB rechargeable sound recordable module for POS and printer machine

PCB size: 5*5cm or Customized
Battery: 1000mah
Speaker: 0.5W 8Ω, diameter 40cm, height 6.5mm
Button: 2pcs for volume increase and decrease
Duration: 1-360s or more.
Power: Lithium battery or USB
Volume level: 20 levels
Power Switch: ON/OFF
More information:
  • 1. Powered by rechargeable battery and USB port, and also it can be powered AC 220v directly.
  • 2. With volume increase and decrease button, you can adjust the volume from level 1- 20
  • 3. The volume can be memorized. Once you adjust the volume level, it keeps the same level if it is turned on again.
  • 4. Changing the sound by USB port, and the memory can be from 1-32MB or more.
  • 5. When powered on, it will play the music looply till power off.
POS Machine
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