Music bottle opener module for advertising company, party gift box and sewer cove

This sound module can be used in bottle opener. While use opener to open wine bottle cap, it will play pre-recording advertising voice or songs while open. It could be customize and used in sewer cover. If people stole it, it will play alarm sound.
  • 1. Circuit board sharp: ball sharp, round sharp, rectangle sharp or customize
  • 2. Voice resource: Customizable (6-30s)
  • 3. Power: AG13*3pieces, AAA battery, AA battery, lithium battery
  • 4. Principle: While the metal is moved, it will play the voice.
  • 5. Play method: While open cap, it will play the voice once times. While finished play, it will stop. If you open cap all the time, it will play the voice from start part. ( P.S.: If you want to finish playing until end, even if it is with disburt, that is even if you open 10several caps in 3 seconds, It will play one times voice first. Please let us know to send you second type)
  • 6. Speaker: Buzzer, 0.25W speakers or other
Application Scope:
Bottle opener
Sewer cover.
Company introduction:

Guangzhou Nine Chip Electron Science &Technology Co. ,Ltd researches, develops and sells voice chip, vehicle speed limiter, and provides the solution of PCB circuit board. OEM and ODM for various electronic products are acceptable, too. With its unique marketing model, great technical support, and good reputation and service, the company is now in the forefront of voice chip applications, and technology development.

We have great advantages in providing the customer with the appropriate solution. And with the continuous innovation spirit of "Nine Chip" People, we will continue to provide a better services to the customers.

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