PIR Motion Sensor Activated Audio Playback Module (Record Message with Line-in or Microphone)

High quality audio recorder.
line-in or microphone recording selection with sliding switch.
Uses PIR motion sensor to trigger audio playback, detection range up to 4 meters.
Easy to operate ,make recording with the recording key.

Audio advertising player for supermarkets or shops, talking sign for POP displays and point of sales, smart doorbell, door greeter, automatic explanation machine, audio memo reminder, security alarm and so on.

Power on the module (note that the module itself has no power switch), and wait about 10 seconds for initialization. Choose the recording mode using the sliding switch (the upper end is for line-in recording while the low end is for microphone recording).

When you choose line-in recording, please follow the steps below. Before line-in recording, you need to connect it to your cell phone or computer via a 3.5mm audio cable. Prepare the audio message on your cell phone or computer. Open the music app and select the audio message you are going to record into the device.

Short press the recording key and you will hear a “beep” that means the recording has started, then play the audio message from your device.

When the audio message ends or you stop it, short press the recording key on the device and now you will hear the “beep” twice which means the recording is done. Note: Please adjust the sound volume as loud as possible on the app to ensure the recording on the device will have a loud sound volume.

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