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A number of rat repellent devices were set up at the gate of Yida kindergarten in Jinlong district and caused people’s worry

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-21 08:47

How do we set up the rat repellent device in the kindergarten gate? The incident occurred in the Jinlong District of Longhai's Bang Shan town. Residents of the district were worried that their children would be mistaken. Longhai Ai Wei office said it had been withdrawn yesterday.

As the old saying goes, while hearing rats across the street, everyone shouting and beating it, rat repellent is a good thing for people. However, recently, it was set a few rat repellent devices in the Longhai List Hill Town Jinlong District Yida kindergarten door, causing the community residents' doubts: what if the child touch it accidentally?

Yesterday, the owner of Jinlong District reflected that in March 7th, he saw two children near Yida kindergarten playing the rat repellent devices. After seeing it, he specifically asked where the child lived, then told the parents to wash their hands in time.

The district resident, who did not want to be named, said it was not proper to set the rat repellent device outside the nursery wall and should be placed out of child's reach. The walls depend on the side of the road and many people and cars are there coming and going. Put a rat repellent device at there, what if the child touch it??

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