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An ultrasonic mosquito repellent device that cannot repellent mosquito

News by ninechip | On 2018-11-20 08:55
 In the history of human and mosquito fighting, there are many ways of mosquito repellents born that heard like truth but actually have no effect on mosquito, such as the use of vitamin B or garlic repellent we said before. But vitamin B is cheap, and the cost of trial and error is low. Another magic method may require more pockets: ultrasonic mosquito repellent.
   The range of people's hearing ranges from 20Hz to 20 kHz, which varies from person to person. Before a student can hear only students can hear, the teacher cannot hear the phone ringtone "mosquito ring", is the use of 17.5 kHz treble, it is said that only young people under the age of 25 can hear. You can search the 20Hz-20 kHz audio test files on the Internet and put on earphones to listen to it.
   We common human cannot hear the voice more than 20 kHz, so it's called ultrasound. But many animals such as mosquitoes can hear ultrasonic waves, so they produce the idea of using ultrasonic to repel mosquitoes. The rise of the ultrasonic mosquito repellent device is in the United States. Advertising says the idea comes from the distant mystery of the tradition of thousands of years in China using sound to drive insect pests, using modern technology to simulate products developed by bats' ultrasonic waves. Mosquitoes will hear them and then fly away with bats. Well, if the mosquitoes are so great, why haven’t the bats all starved to death?
   Of course, the agency does not like to lose two sentences like we do. The US Environmental Protection Agency EPA has done experiments with dozens of different frequencies of ultrasonic electronic mosquito repellents on the market. The result is that none of them can achieve the claimed effect of mosquito repellent. Outside EPA, different universities and research institutes have done many similar experiments and failed to find evidence of effectiveness.
   But even if relevant government departments, research institutions and media constantly remind consumers of the ineffectiveness of such products, electronic mosquito repellent and even drive mouse devices still have a huge market in the world. Disregard of criticisms of their products without scientific basis, companies have been putting in a variety of advertising slogans, from the pockets of users who began to fear chemical repellent products.
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