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Analysis of automobile braking skills

News by ninechip | On 2019-01-08 09:28
Braking skills is to ensure the safety of the situation, which will let the vehicle as smooth as possible to slow down or stop. Smooth parking is a common situation. For example, the vehicle will stop in turn in front of a red light. A lot of novice master bad timing and braking force that often will be more rigid braking. Due to the large braking force at the time of parking, the car can easily go to "nodding head", so it is uncomfortable to sit in the car. Therefore, through constant trial and error and practice, we can drive as smooth as possible to stop the car.
There are two most important things for a smooth stop. One is to overcome the fear of stopping the car hit the car or obstacles ahead of the psychological. The second is to control the intensity of the right foot on the brake pedal. Depending on the braking distance, the acceleration and the speed of the force is determined. When practicing, find an object that is not afraid of collision, and repeat practice on a flat road surface, gradually increasing speed until it is easy to use.
The main purpose of braking when following a car is to keep a safe distance from the car in front, that is, to keep the same speed with the car in front through braking. Therefore, the key to braking skills when following a car is to slowly step on the brake pedal, maintain the braking force, and then increase or decrease the braking force according to the speed of the front car.
When you're at the corner, you have to brake before you go into the corner, and you slow down to the corner and accelerate the curve. You need to turn the brake on the curve, and adjust the position of the car at any time. Do not slam on the brake, especially the outside lane of the vehicle, so as not to lose control of the body. The technique of uphill braking is similar to that of road braking, but due to the deceleration effect brought by the body mass, the braking force is slightly smaller than that of road braking. Downhill braking is a little more complicated, not only with the governor control systems but also the use of device to control car speed. Do not use the brake for a long time when going downhill, especially on a long slope, which is likely to lead to overheating of the brake friction disc, resulting in a decline in braking efficiency. Car limiters are also essential.