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Another good Methods of bird repellent

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-19 08:57

1, spraying the bird repellent to drive bird: the bird repellent is made of natural spice by using bioengineering, and then diluted with water and sprayed to the fruit tree. It can release a kind of fragrance that affects the central nervous system of the birds, and makes the birds have a strong sense of inadaptability and will not be willing to close to the fruit trees or fly away from the orchard. The repellent can be bought at the local farm.

2, sonic bird repellent: before a lot of fruit orchard farm to put firecrackers to drive birds, but need to buy and set off many times, the cost is high, can put down the firecrackers down or on the Internet, the music of firecrackers, in the garden with a soprano or player for circulation; in addition, the study shows that the love of fruit is happy. The magpie is afraid of owls. It can put owls or hawks in the orchard to prevent birds.

3, bird repellent device: this need to buy equipment, the cost is relatively higher, but the effect is very good. Through a variety of energy combinations (such as ultrasonic wave, infrasonic sound, cluster sound, bird's natural enemy, etc.), the repellent bird can release a variety of irregular energy stimuli in the orchard, and play a good effect on the large area of the bird drive, and some cluster impact wave drive birds can even reach the effect of the clearance. Many airports are the similar equipment used. Drive a bird.

4, orchard smoke to drive bird: you can put smoke in the orchard or the orchard to drive the bird, but stay away from the fruit tree in the place of tobacco to avoid the fire and fire of the tree trunk or the fruit.

In addition, for magpie bird damage more serious place, can also fly the magpie corpse by the high altitude way to drive the magpie. Because the magpie is very smart, when it sees the dead bodies hanging in the garden, there will be a sense of fear and sadness, and a lot of magpies who plan to enter the garden will fly away directly.

The above are ten kinds of orchard bird prevention and bird repellent method introduced to you. These methods are safe and ecological, not only to drive the wild birds to protect the fruit, but also do not harm the birds.

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