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Application of SIC SBD Sound Chip Module in 3300V500A SIC Mixed Module

News by ninechip | On 2019-02-15 09:02
 As a wide bandgap semiconductor material, SIC has the advantages of high breakdown field, high thermal conductivity, high current carrying capacity, fast switching speed and high temperature operation compared with Si. It is suitable for high voltage, high temperature and high frequency applications. At the same time, SIC devices can significantly improve the conversion efficiency of power electronic devices, which is conducive to energy saving and environmental protection, high power density and lightweight devices. Both the 12th Five-Year Plan and the 13th Five-Year Plan have invested a lot of money to tackle the technical problems of SIC materials and devices. SIC modules usually include full SIC module and SIC hybrid module. All- SIC module is a multi-chip parallel sound chip module, which uses SIC MOSFET and SIC SBD according to a certain circuit structure. SIC hybrid module is a multi-chip parallel module which uses SIC SBD instead of Si FRD and IGBT chip according to a certain circuit structure.

   For all- SIC MOSFET module, CREE has developed all- SIC module under 1700V, ROHM has developed all- SIC module under 1200V, and obtained a certain range of applications. The research of SIC MOSFET in China is still in its infancy. The high-voltage and high-current SIC MOSFET devices are still in the stage of mechanism research and experiment in the aspects of gate oxygen reliability, yield, test drive, performance detection and control, and large-scale commercial application still needs some time. Based on the above situation, the application of high-voltage and high-power SIC hybrid module in traction field is a compromise and stable scheme. It can not only reflect the advantages of SIC materials, reduce system losses, but also be accepted in terms of cost. Fuji, Hitachi, Mitsubishi and some scientific research structures have studied the SIC hybrid module. Although some high-voltage SIC hybrid modules have been studied in China, the application of SIC hybrid module in traction field has not been reported yet. Based on the self-developed 3300V/32ASiC SBD, a 3300V500A SIC hybrid module for locomotive traction is developed in this paper. The performance parameters are tested and analyzed, and compared with the performance parameters of 3300V500A IGBT module. The simulation of junction temperature of SIC hybrid module under PWM condition of traction inverter is carried out by PLECS software.

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