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Application of voice module in intelligent home furnishing

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-07 09:14

Light has not only the function of lighting!

As a necessary traditional electrical appliance in our life and work, the change of light has come quietly. If you understand the lamp, whether it still stays in the electric lights invented by Edison, whether it is the light of manual switch, whether it is a single color lamp, whether it is still a high energy lamp, or whether the light is a single state, and now the new round of "revolution" has come, and the intelligent lamp will be the master of the industry.

The intelligent electric lamp should have the characteristics of perception, network communication and convenient manipulation. The past products are composed of mobile APP+wifi+ sensors, whose control performance is poor. It is necessary for users to control the lights in the way of operating APP or keys. The Lark7618 intelligent WiFi voice interactive module, which is about to be introduced in the world, is a speech recognition WiFi module which integrates voice recognition, voice synthesis, voice wake-up, WIFI communication and MP3 playback. It can be widely used in smart home, intelligent household appliances, robots, intelligent toys and other industries, and can easily solve the user's dependence on APP. On the other hand, the mode of the light can be controlled by the sound.

The electric lamp with the WiFi voice recognition module is a step in emancipating your hands: just calling a light name, you can easily control the switch of the lamp, change the color of the lamp, the brightness of the lamp, and inquire the state of the lamp, such as: Yun Bao (the name of the lamp), the light, the cloud treasure, the light to blue; Yun Bao, ten minutes later. Turn off the light; Yun Bao, enter the rest mode and so on; can also broadcast the status and use of the current lamp in real time through the voice synthesis function, such as the long running time, the power consumption and so on.

The integrated WiFi communication function allows you to set the light on a mobile phone or other intelligent equipment, such as when entering a rest mode, the lighting brightness will automatically decrease, turn to warm, set a good hypnotic MP3, and turn off the light after 10 minutes.

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