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Are all high-powered ultrasonic rat repellent device effective? Is there a difference between the high-power ultrasonic rat repellent device?

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-19 09:01

Answer: it can't be said that all high power design can achieve the same expelling effect. I don't believe that you can try the sound of your home and tune the audio to the maximum to see if you can drive the rat too. The reason is very simple, in addition to high power output, at the same time, it is necessary to enable ultrasonic transducer to output high power ultrasonic, but not only improve the power of the circuit. The Hifi-Change mouse repellent has its unique frequency design and power output, and the special ultrasonic transducer part.

Someone said, why did I buy the rat repellent before and it had no effects? Answer: first of all, we need to figure out what kind of rat repellent you use. If the so-called electromagnetic wave or infrared mouse repellent is not effective. There are several possibilities that may affect the use effect if it is an ultrasonic repellent device. The first is that it has a great relationship with the environment, such as the distribution of goods, room spacing, or the distribution of objects (obstacles), if the density of the goods in the prevention and control area is too high, or the goods are directly stacked on the ground. Or there are too many dead angles, such as the place where the ultrasonic wave can't arrive by reflection or refraction. The second possibility is also related to the placement of the repellent. If the position of the repellent device is not well placed and the reflector is less, it will also weaken the effect of the repellent apparatus. The third possibility is that the power of the purchased ultrasonic rodent is not enough. After the ultrasonic wave is reflected or refracted several times, the energy has been greatly reduced and even cannot be reached to the purpose of removing the mice. So if the power of the mouse is too small, the ultrasonic wave cannot play a role, and the user is invited to buy the same kind. The relevant indicators must be paid attention to in the product. In addition, if the protection space is too large, the number of the use of the repellent is not enough, and the ultrasonic cannot completely cover the range of prevention and control, the effect naturally will not be ideal. In this case, the quantity or density of the repellent rodent should be appropriately increased.

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