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Can electronic mouse repellent device drive rats?

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-19 09:02

Answer: so far, there is no relevant literature or background information in the scientific community and reports that electronic mouse repellent device can stimulate the rats and achieve the goal of driving. Instead of using electromagnetic waves will interfere with household appliances, and the input of electromagnetic waves into the power system for many electric equipment such as audio, television, computer and other household appliances will have a certain interference and damage, and the exposure to high frequency electromagnetic wave radiation will also bring some harm to the human body. Use this kind of product. This also explains why all relevant departments of the world require all electrical appliances to be used in the network to be used by EMI electromagnetic authentication. In 1998, the WHO survey showed that electromagnetic waves have five major effects on human body: A and electromagnetic waves are the main causes of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer mutation; B and electromagnetic waves cause direct injury to the human reproductive system, the nervous system and the immune system; C and electromagnetic waves are induced by abortion, infertility, teratology and other pathological changes. Factors: D, excessive electromagnetic wave radiation directly affect the development of brain tissue, bone marrow development, vision decline, liver disease, hematopoietic function decline, serious people can lead to retinal detachment; E, electromagnetic wave radiation can make male sexual function decline, female endocrine disorder, menstrual disorder.

However, can the IR mouse repellent device drive rats? A lot of scientific experiments show that mice are color blindness, and amblyopia animals, human beings are tricolor vision, red, blue, green vision, and mice are two color vision can only distinguish the ultraviolet light blue color wavelength of 359nm and green wavelength 510nm, the mouse's visual 88% sense It should be green, and only 12% can sense the color of ultraviolet light blue. Now on the market, some merchants sell the repellent claims that there is no scientific basis for infrared repellent function, because the infrared wavelength is in the range of 800nm-1000nm, which is far away from the color light that mice can see. It is absurd to use infrared rays to remove mice.

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