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Characteristics of nine core electronic car speed limiter

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-16 08:51

Characteristics of nine core electronic car speed limiter are as follows:

1, the remote control setting function can set parameters, and the driver cannot change the speed limit on his own, so the management has the right to modify.

2, a wide range of applications can be used on 12V~24V for pulling mechanical pedals on cars.

3, it is lightweight and easy to install. It adopts full floating type shockproof design and has good seismic performance.

4, the power line has short circuit design, built in overcurrent protection circuit and strong stability.

5, free maintenance, free mechanical contact and electronically controlled mechanical design features. Once installed, there will be no worries in life.

6, it can force speed limit, do not extinguish, do not affect torque and horsepower, safety and speed limit, but also enable voice and alarm warning.

7, the forced speed limit is reduced uniformly, and throttle can move freely within the speed limit.

8, it can set alarm speed alarm, achieve speed limit, speed limit and intelligent voice prompt.

9, it has the function of intelligent learning speed meter. It can directly connect all kinds of vehicles to speedometer and is easy to install.

10, you can memorize all kinds of parameters by yourself, once and for life.

11, the range of working voltage is DC12V to 24V;

12, work is small power, only 5W.

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