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Classified voice notification scheme for garbage cans in parks

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-18 08:40

One. Introduction to the background of the product industry

With people's attention to health, health problems, environmental protection and other issues, as well as the development of science and technology, garbage classification, garbage collection, waste to treasure the concept of gradually deep people's life, walking in the street, park scenic spots, all kinds of colorful classified garbage can be seen everywhere.

Park scene trash cans classification of human voice prompts - trash voice program

Two. The introduction of the main function of the voice garbage can

Trash can is used to load various kinds of garbage in daily life. Different domestic waste should be placed in different trash bins. For some old people and children, the classification of garbage is not familiar. The voice garbage can be played at the moment of opening garbage classification hints, or people stepping on the pedals to send out classified information so as to make the correct classification of the garbage in place.

Park scene trash cans classification of human voice prompts - trash voice program

Three. The value of the product added to the voice function

Adding voice prompts on the trash can bring the following values:

1. The garbage will be thrown out of the trash can. With voice prompts, residents can automatically play voice prompts when they carry garbage bags near the trash cans. For example, "environmental protection is everyone's responsibility. Please throw rubbish into the trash can".

2. The explanation of the classification of random living garbage can help those who have poor eyesight or illiterate, or those who are not clear about the classification of living garbage. It is beneficial to recycle garbage correctly and to recycle and reuse the environmental protection and garbage.

3. It can play the role of environmental protection. For example, "the garbage should be classified into the barrel and the environmental protection is everyone's responsibility" can improve people's awareness of reducing environmental pollution and turning waste into treasure.

4. It can reduce the time of garbage disposal. Although the garbage has been classified, the garbage sent to a special organic waste disposal center still needs to be decomposed artificially, because the garbage is packed with too much. If the trash cans are equipped with voice prompts, people can throw the rubbish correctly, and the garbage disposal process can save a lot of worry.

Four. The general content of speech is:

The stored voice prompts can be varied, such as:

1. Slogan: garbage should be categorized into containers. Environmental protection is everyone's responsibility.

2. The interpretation of the classification of living garbage: recyclable objects are suitable for recycling and resource utilization, including paper, plastic, glass, fabric and bottles, etc., and are collected in blue garbage containers; hazardous wastes are expressed as hazardous substances and need special safety treatment, including electric pools, lamps and daily chemicals and so on. Collection of rubbish other than garbage, and collection with grey garbage containers.

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