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Construction wiring diagram of acousto-optic alarm

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-06 09:11

The controller connects the three core shielded line with the detector (Note: the single core diameter is not lower than the 0.75mm national standard line, depending on the actual distance). The shielding layer is connected to the controller shell and is reliably grounded. When RVV cable is used, metal pipes should be worn and the metal pipes can be reliably grounded. Referring to the connection diagram of the controller and the detector, the controller of the acousto-optic alarm is connected with the corresponding terminal of the detector.

Connection mode:
1. Connect the input controller terminal to the detector terminal.
2. The connection between the output terminals and the linkage equipment;
3. When the inductive equipment, such as exhaust fan, meets the condition of less than or equal to 5A/220VAV conditions, it can be connected directly to the output terminal, but as far as possible the load equipment is directly connected with the output terminal. When the load device is larger than 5A/220VAV, it must be connected to the transfer equipment.
4. The controller and detector should ensure reliable grounding;
5. When installing various installations, power is cut off, otherwise the main engine may be burned.

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