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Do you know the principle of electronic mouse repellent device

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-21 08:44

Most of the frequencies that humans can hear are between 20Hz and 23KHz (kHz), and most insects can hear the sound of 50KHz; the mice can hear a very wide frequency that can reach 85KHz. As the frequency of mice and insects can be heard far above the frequency that humans can hear, experts call these frequencies a name called "Ultrasound", which is called "sound waves that transcend the sound frequency of human beings."

This electronic mouse repellent device is developed by using this theory. The first is to apply the theory to the product by German zoologists and electronic technical experts, and to develop the ultrasonic repellent insect repellent products that can drive mosquitoes and mice.

Animals such as mice and bats communicate with ultrasound. The rodent's auditory system is very developed and is very sensitive to ultrasound. It can judge the source of sound in the dark. Young rats can send out 30-50kHz ultrasound when threatened. When they are not open, they can return to the nest by the ultrasonic and echo (foreign reference: Allin and anks1971:Carden and Hofer 1992), adult rats. In case of crisis, an ultrasonic call can be sent out. Ultrasound can also be used to express happiness when mating. The rodent's auditory system is in 200Hz-90000Hz (foreign references: Fay 1988, Warfield 1973, and The Nature of Sound). If a powerful high power ultrasonic pulse can be used to interfere and stimulate the rat auditory system effectively, it is unbearable, and feels panic and uneasy, showing loss of appetite, Escape, even convulsion and other symptoms, so as to achieve the purpose of expelling the rodents from their activities. Rats have strong hearing, weak eyesight, and they are safe for everyday sounds, but they are frightened to escape or keep moving.

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