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Does the ultrasonic mouse repellent really work?

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-20 10:22

In order to verify whether the ultrasonic mouse repellent is really effective? We bought three different types of power ultrasonic mouse repellent from the market, and used experiments to verify whether these repellent devices are really as fantastic as rumors.

First of all, we found Professor Tang Jianming of the Institute of acoustics in Tong-Ji University in Shanghai to verify whether these small devices can release ultrasonic waves.

According to the experts, the sound can be divided into three bands, which we usually hear from 20 hertz to 20 thousand Hertz, and the human ears above 20 thousand Hertz are not heard, which is called ultrasonic wave beyond this range.

After testing, we measured the three rat repellent in the scope of ultrasound, but the largest frequency band is only in the range of 25-40kHz. Experts say that in such a frequency range, the rat repellent should be able to release ultrasonic waves. But which kind of mouse is the sound suitable for? Does its strong sound meet the demand for drive? These (not yet sure) can play a role in driving rats.

In theory, ultrasound can affect rats because their ears can receive this frequency. So what is the effect in actual use? Let's prove it by the experiment. Or these three kinds of ultrasonic rat repellent, please mice to do an experiment . We put a lot of mice and different ultrasonic mouse drivers in the glass box respectively. Let's see if the mice are really in front of the enemy in the presence of ultrasound.

All failed! The result of the experiment was like this! Mouse are not afraid of rmouse repellent, and some mouse play happily with the mouse repellent.

Since these ultrasonic mouse repellent device have no effect on mouse, many netizens still worry about whether ultrasonic waves released by the ultrasonic apparatus are harmful to the human body.

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