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How the old recorder works

News by ninechip | On 2019-01-07 09:17
Tape recorders are mainly used for recording and reproducing sound. Commonly used tape recorders are disc type and cassette type. It is widely use in the education field because of its advantages such as recording, simple operation, low price and excellent performance.
The recorder is normally made up of magnetic heads, mechanical drives and circuits. The magnetic head of a tape recorder is divided into recording head, playback head and erasing head. Popular type of tape recorders are often recording head and playback head and into a recording head. The mechanical transmission part consists of a driving mechanism, a braking mechanism and various functional operating mechanisms. The circuit is composed of a recording amplifier, a playback amplifier, an ultra-audio oscillator and some special functional circuits.
The recording and playback of a tape recorder is an electro - magnetic conversion process. When recording, the audio signal is amplified and sent to the magnetic head coil, which will generate alternating magnetic flux in the magnetic head core. A magnetic field varying with the audio frequency is formed at the working gap of the magnetic head. When the magnetic tape is close to the gap through the magnetic head, the magnetic field line passes through the magnetic layer on the magnetic tape and magnetizes it, leaving the remanence. As the magnetic tape moves at a constant speed, continuous remanence traces of polarity and strength changing with the audio signal are left on the magnetic tape, and the sound signal is recorded in the form of remanence.
When playing, the magnetic tape with magnetic track passes through the working gap of the magnetic head at the same speed as the recording, and because the magnetic conductivity of the magnetic head core is much higher than that of air, the magnetic field line of the magnetic remanence field on the magnetic tape will pass through the magnetic head core and form a closed magnetic circuit. Because the magnetic remanence intensity and direction on the magnetic tape vary with the recorded sound signal, the magnetic flux in the magnetic head core also changes accordingly.
Most modern players use sound chip and are recorded by a computer. Some recordable sound chip or recording module can be recorded directly through their circuits, which is a great advance in modern technology.
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