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How to avoid disturbance and protect the birds?

News by ninechip | On 2018-12-17 15:51
When winter comes, there are many thousands of migratory birds that return to the southern areas where the places are warm and suitable enough for them to spend the chilling winter.
Red-billed Starling that inhabit in the famous bird-sightseeing village Lipo is a special kind of bird in China. They mainly live in a suitable environment of mid-southern part of China. They are eager for freedom so they will go north to Shan’xi and Anhui, south to Guangdong and Hainan, Sometimes even fly abroad. It is important that they have a sense of security in addition to that vigor of the seasons, the tree and the flowers, the flowers and so on. The village has a large number of volunteers for birds protection team, and every night there are bird keepers guard. To cater to the living habits of the birds, the villagers even have changed the traditional customs. More and more villagers volunteered to join in the protection of birds so they plant a great amount of trees year by year via their effort to protect the birds.
Some people think it is spectacular, while others are troubled by it. For example, the birds’ droppings fall accidently and you never know who will be the lucky dog. It is also annoying when that birds cry out.
There is no denying the fact that that an ultrasonic bird repeller is a lifesaver. The ultrasonic repellent can protects birds as well as preventing people from being annoyed.
An adjustable acoustic wave transmitter is designed by the ultrasonic transmission circuit. The user can adjust the emission frequency of sound wave according to the object driven. The user adjusts the frequency of sound wave through the external frequency adjustment button. Diode indicating circuit to achieve the correct response to the keys. The ultrasound bird repellent devices effectively drive birds away and will not do harm to them.
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