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How voice chips light home industry

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-07 09:07

At present, the real estate market is so hot that it slowly promotes the rise of home decoration industry. But the home clothing industry is also slowly facing a dilemma. It is now the high unification of the domestic garment industry process. It is mainly disguised and fancy, but these are also commonplace problems. Almost every family will do it. It is nothing more than finding a few engineers in the art department, taking a few pictures to let the customers see if they are satisfied with the order. But when I went to the children's clothing shop the day before yesterday, I found that there were many children in this shop, more than the shops next to them.

I feel very strange. Is there anything unique about him? When I went in, I found that the little child ran here and there on the small staircase in the store. It was the seven stairs inside that made a clever use of a phonetic chip into the Amy and a few notes to use induction. As long as people stood on it, they would make different sound syllables. This makes the dull and dark stairs skillfully turned into a simple piano. Increase the fun of children. Generally speaking, children are relatively sensitive to things that sound. In particular, this beautiful music ladder made of voice chips increases the fun of children. In this way, attracting children will attract parents. If parents and children are in a shop, the probability of a relative transaction will be great. And there will be a lot of return visitors. Because if the idea of voice chip is used to bring curiosity and fun to children. Next time, if you come over, children will see this shop and play, so parents will enter the shop.

Responsible editor (Guangzhou nine core electronic science and Technology)

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