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Individual custom made Chinese knot voice chip

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-17 08:48

Chinese knot is a decorative handicraft. It is a Chinese folk art. It has a long history and represents Chinese traditional culture. China is made up of a silk rope, which is not only beautiful in shape, but also with many colors. It also has the meaning of "good luck, blessing and life, double joy, good luck and smooth sailing". It is a good blessing. People like to hang it in the home, hang on the car and so on. Especially in the years, many people will get rid of the old. Welcome to new, new Chinese knot.

With the combination of science and technology and tradition, the Chinese knot has become more and more creative. Now the Chinese knot with the function of voice, sound and music has also appeared on the market. The common Chinese knot is just a silk knot. The Chinese knot of creative voice, with voice chips / sound chips / music chips, can make China make wonderful sounds and music, such as new spring music, congratulating fortune and so on, and so on, and even some businesses put human induced voice play on the Chinese knot. Yes, users hang near the door, and when customers come, they can automatically play the congratulations. For example, "welcome, Congratulations!" "The new year is good", which also serves as the function of the doorway induction. It also takes the place of the host. The users also know that there are guests to visit. The product is beautiful, good, versatile, more competitive and more celebrating to the common Chinese knot.

At present, Chinese knot joins voice IC, voice IC and music IC.

1, holiday greetings, such as congratulations on getting rich, good luck and good fortune.

2, the festival celebrates the repertoire, such as "good new year", etc.

Its characteristics

1, high integration!

It is an intelligent loudspeaker which integrates voice and voice circuit, power supply, communication, loudspeaker and so on. Traditional speakers must rely on the aid of other devices to make it sound.

2. Simplify the design and procurement cycle.

Voice chips and speakers can be widely used in the market, and the level of service and technical support are uneven. It takes a lot of time to screen and design. It enables you to complete all the design and screening work at once, saving time for you.

3. Second line power supply and communication circuit with patent technology.

The power supply and control of the loudspeaker can only be finished by two lines, and it can also be communicated at the same time of power supply.

Responsible editor (Guangzhou nine core electronic science and Technology)

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