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Infrared induced voice prompting device

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-06 09:07
One. Product characteristics
1, power supply mode: DC regulated power supply (DC9-12V);
2, full automatic voice play, no need for manual intervention;
3, hi fi MP3 audio playback, good sound quality, high timbre reduction.
4. The volume is adjustable, and it is suitable for all kinds of places.
5, supporting the function of the selection of music.
6. Support U disk / TF card storage (32M~4G);
7. The induction angle of the human body sensor is 120 degrees, and the effective induction distance is 0-6 meters.
8, built in 10W power amplifier circuit to ensure sound and pleasant sound.

Two. Technical parameters
1. Working voltage: DC9-12V
2. Working current: less than 1000mA
3. Static current: less than 40MA
4, Audio rated output power: 10W/8 Omega
5. Audio format: MP3
6, Human induced distance: less than 6 meters (120 degrees)
7, Product specification: 180*122*45 (long * width * high mm)

Three. The infrared induction voice prompting device is widely applied. There are only a few typical application cases listed below.
1, power system high voltage area, military control, public security area security voice prompts.
2. Safety voice prompts in production workshop and construction area.
3, enter office building, business hall, waiting plane (vehicle) building, welcome guests

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