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Interprets how voice recognition chip technology turn stupid home appliances into smart home appliances with one article

News by ninechip | On 2018-12-04 09:09
Speech recognition chip technology has made significant breakthroughs since 2009. In the smartphone field, consumers have realized the refreshing feeling brought by speech recognition technology. However, in the field of traditional household appliances which are frequently used in people's lives, speech recognition technology seems to be progressing slowly and performing poorly.
   Speech recognition is a biometric technology that combines two components of physiology and behavior. The coordination of trachea, nasal cavity, pharynx, throat and tongue affects the tone, intensity and timbre of the voice, thus forming the unique voice of each person, which constitutes the physiological basis of the voice; and the different speech content of each person constitutes the behavioral basis of the voice.
   Therefore, speech recognition is a very interesting process, which knows both about what you are talking about (behavioral characteristics), and how you say (physiological characteristics).
   So, how does speech recognition chip technology turn stupid home appliances into smart appliances? It starts mainly from the two aspects including algorithm and voice activation detection.
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