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Introduction of Guangzhou MP3 chip voice chip

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-10 08:59

Introduction of "MP3 chip":

(1) The channel and tone of the music:

Envelope (envelope) Fang Bo (patch) channel (channel)

Envelope: part of the synthetic timbre, the change of note output in unit time, often with "ADSR".

Wave format: part of the synthetic timbre, the change of the square wave current in the unit time. (There is also the triangle wave, etc.)

Channel: at the same time, the number of notes output by the chip is the number of "single music player".

PCT: one of the analog timbre, simulating the pitch of each note by sampling 256 point instrument sounds. (The tone is soft, the space is small, but it is not true enough)

FULL WAVE: simulate the pitch of each note by collecting a musical instrument sound. (Musical instruments are real, but occupy large space and acquire high timbre and sound quality).

(2) The compression of music:

Because of the huge amount of music data, it is necessary to compress music data effectively, which enables us to input more music content in the limited ROM space. There are several ways:

Music segmentation: intercepts the repeatable parts of music, and reproduces the contents in a complete arrangement.

Tone color: according to the fullness of the music, the degree of demand, to determine the choice of Full wave, PCT, dual tone, each timbre is not understood in space, and the quality of the sound is also different.

Mathematical compression: mainly for the sampling of the tone (Full wave) compression, this way is also bad for compression, for the tone to be sampled to reduce sampling, processing, etc. to reduce the size of the acquisition tone color (with the speech class).

(3) Common music format:

MID format: the digital interface of the MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) instrument is proposed in the early 1980s to solve the communication problem between the acoustic instruments. MIDI transmissions are not voice signals, but notes, control parameters and other instructions.

WAV format: (see voice IC class) to collect timbre format.

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