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Is the ultrasonic mouse repellent effective?

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-21 08:45

The ultrasonic mouse repellent device produce the ultrasound that drives the mouse and most of the insect pests to hear the pain of the mouse and most of the pests, the sound waves are forced to make the headache uncomfortably, and the mice will have the symptoms of anorexia, anorexia, twitching, and even the death of the mice. The rodent can't wait to escape the scene immediately; but because the rodent has a living sex. They will not move easily and come back to see if they are really unsuitable for a long time, so this product must be used for a long period of at least ten and a half months to achieve the purpose of long term repellent of mice.

The ultrasonic mouse repellent device also has a time of failure - the deafness rats are invalid (the mouse is deaf because of the close relatives, the gene mutation causes deafness); there are also a slight difference in the degree of ultrasonic reflection in the mice of different types or different regions.

According to the study of animal and entomologist, the frequency range of the ears can be different in all kinds of animals, which is basically the inverse ratio between the size of the body and the frequency of hearing, that is, the less the hearing frequency is, the higher the hearing frequency is.

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