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Is the ultrasonic mouse repellent really a mouse killer? No, it is wrong!

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-20 10:17

In the spring of the revival of life, there is also a kind of life that has entered the vigorous breeding stage, that is, the mouse! At present, there are many accidents caused by rats in various parts of the country. The elevator in a Dalian District dropped from the 4 floor to the 1 floor, causing the residents to be trapped in the elevator for 40 minutes. It was found by the maintenance staff that there were mice in the elevator, which led to the sudden stop of the safety protection device. Therefore, how to prevent these harmful animals from running around and do the mouse repellent has become a pressing matter of the moment.

Recently, a new rodent killing tool has been developed on the market: ultrasonic mouse repellent device. It is said that the ultrasonic wave released by the instrument destroys the nervous system and reproductive system of mice, thereby fundamentally inhibiting the multiplication of mice. The ultrasonic mouse driver told us that people could not hear ultrasound, but rats could hear it. The ultrasonic waves released by these repellent devices have a strong effect on mice, depending on the size of the power and the size of the area. The greater the power, the greater the effect of the power and the larger the area of the tube.

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