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Methods of bird repellent

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-18 08:53

Our fruit farmers can achieve the effect of repelling birds and fruits through some relatively safe methods. Here are five ways to share with you. Which have you used? Which effect do you think is the best?

1, fruit bagging: This is a simple method of preventing bird damage, although it can not play the role of the bird, but can protect the fruit from disease, insect, medicine, dust and damage and other damage. In Hilly and hilly areas where birds are abundant, it is recommended to use tough, high-quality paper bags or nylon bags to carry fruit bags.

2, reflective film to repellent bird: laying a reflective film on the orchard, not only can improve the color of the fruit well, but the strong reflection of the film will make the wild birds not close to the fruit trees in the short term, and have a certain role in protecting the birds from fruit protection.

3, field shelter to repellent bird: commonly used in the orchard to place scarecrow, dummy, color wind wheel, hanging over the orchard with owl, cat's balloon, because birds such as sparrows, owls and other birds have a fear of red, a lot of red cloth strips on the fruit trees, can achieve the role of the bird, but birds easily produce adaptation. Sex.

4. Erection of overhead bird net: bird net is good for bird prevention, and can also be applied to orchards with different topography and different areas, but the cost is relatively high. Because the orchard planting environment is different, the birds are also different, so it is suggested that the Yellow orchard nets should be set up in the orchard in the mountain area, and the red bird net should be built in the plain orchard.

5, camphor odor bird repellent: as we all know, camphor can repel insects because of its unique smell, but it is not allowed to know that camphor can also drive birds. To buy some camphor pills with strong smell and good quality, three or four bags are wrapped with gauze, 2 bags on each tree top, and 15 days' smell of camphor pill, which can make birds dare not close to the fruit.

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