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MXCHIP Joins Hands with SI Speech: AI Voice Module Is Coming Strongly

News by ninechip | On 2019-01-10 09:16
The trend of artificial intelligence not only brings changes to the field of science and technology, but also brings surprises to users' intelligent life. In recent years, smart products have grown on a large scale in China's consumer electronics market. For consumers, smart products have penetrated into our daily life and gradually become popular.
   Not long ago, Amazon China Vice President Li Yan released the consumption data of smart products in 2016, and predicted the consumption trend of smart products in 2017. He pointed out that the market size of smart home industry in China is increasing year by year, and it is estimated that the market size will be close to 200 billion yuan by 2018. In 2017, the smart home market will further mature, and consumers will pay more attention to high-quality and professional smart products. For example, household intelligent robots, family companion robots, air quality inspection products will continue to be popular trends in the smart home market.
   From 2014 to 2016, China's smart home market continues to explode. ECHO speakers and Alexa platform shine brilliantly on CES. More than 7000 capabilities will be given to all kinds of smart home devices. This empowerment and the de-application of voice module once again let smart home players see that AI will bring new changes and opportunities to the smart home market. It is worth looking forward to 2017. Many very good smart products are on the market. In 2016, MXCHIP and AI Speech jointly released the AI intelligent module VBS6100 with voice interaction function, which attracted much attention of the industry.
   On August 18, 2016, MXCHIP, China's leader in the overall solution of Smart Home and Internet of Things, jointly launched the AI Intelligent Module VBS6100 (Sound Module) together with AI Speech, which is based on MXCHIP MI-CO Operating System and carries voice technology solutions such as Speech Interactive Function, highly integrated multi-technical advantages, from R&D to user use. It has brought great convenience advantages to all kinds of intelligent products, and the interactive experience has been improved qualitatively. As the only AI voice company in China that focuses on the field of intelligent hardware, AI Speech is also constantly updating to bring users a more humane interactive experience.
   In 2017, AI Speech will continue to focus on smart car, smart home and smart robots, and bring diversity and customization solutions to more partners and human voice interaction experience to more users.