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Preparation for speed limit test of auto speed limiter

News by ninechip | On 2018-10-29 09:22
(1), first the speed limiter rope should be removed from the auto speed limiter.
(2), connect the drive motor connection and connect the AC220V AC power supply;
(3), set the rated speed and test mode, enter the circumference and number of the circle.
(4), install speed sensor.
   A small magnet is attached to the wheel disk of the speed limiter. The head of the speed sensor is fixed to the driver through the connecting rod. The position and angle of the connecting rod are adjusted so that the sensor head is within 5 mm of the magnet, and the distance between the two sensors is less than 5 mm when the wheel wheel is rotating every week. If there is no induction between the sensor head and the small magnet within 5mm (the lamp is not on when there is electricity), the small magnet is pasted in reverse.
(5), clamp on the electric switch of speed limiter.
   Disconnect the speed limiter electrical switch and the elevator safety circuit; clamp the two clamps at both ends of the speed limiter electrical switch.
(6), put the driving motor wheel against the speed limiter rope wheel, set the motor commutation switch correctly, and open the driving motor;
   To begin the measurement, press the "exit" button after one measurement or repeated measurements to exit the measurement, and the upstream and downstream measurements are divided into three measurements.
   Measurement and Printing: In the measurement stop interface, press the "Print" button to print the measurement data of the speed limiter automatically, and then stop automatically after printing.
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