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Principle of Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

News by ninechip | On 2018-11-29 13:10
  To put it bluntly, an  ultrasonic pest repeller stimulates the mosquito's nervous and endocrine systems through ultrasound, leaving it feeling restless and running away, or mentally exhausted and unable to attack. Ultrasound peat repellent device does not contain chemical elements, it has no side effects when use, which ensures that the mosquito repellent device is non-toxic, harmless and environmentally friendly, killing the pest while creating a fresh and odorless environment. Pregnant women and children can use it safely. Although the ultrasonic mosquito repellent is a high-tech product, it is simple and convenient in operation. You just plug it in the socket that is 80-120cm above the ground and turn on the switch. Therefore, the effective coverage of a single product can reach 80-120 square meters where it is intended to be used. Living room, study room, bedroom, kitchen, garden... these places are all no problem. You can enjoy the quiet, mosquito free time at anytime and anywhere. Don't look down on its tiny body, it does release great energy. Its role is not limited to mosquito control, but also can effectively drive out cockroaches, flies, mice and other organisms, and drives away a variety of harmful organisms away from your home. As a physical mosquito killing product, it is more energy efficient besides the advantages of non-toxic and environmental protection. Using environmentally-friendly ABS flame retardant material, it will consume 0.1 degrees of electricity only 24 hours a day.
   The ultrasonic peat repellent is tasteless and light, and can operate in super quiet. Staying in the room at night, it will be no need to worry about sleeping. Finally, it is free from the mosquito bites. Faced with the mosquito rampant season, do take this ultrasonic pest repellent, and get away from the restlessness brought by the mosquito bites. Let¡¯s live a silent summer together! Come and buy it!
  According to the Wuhan Evening News in March 2010, Wuhan Ai Wei Rodent Control Station staff said that there is a scientific principle for the ultrasonic rodent repellent. Because of the specific ultrasound band, the brain and optic nerve of rats suffer from impact and cause disorder. But this can only drive away rodent but not kill them. At present, some of the products on the market are just the splicing of ordinary electronic components and diodes, and almost has no effect. The ultrasonic rodent repellent developed in China has a very good effect.
   Zheng Yi, an expert on mosquito control in the Department of Environmental Hygiene, Nanjing CDC, reported in the Jin Ling Evening News in May 2012: Ultrasound rodent repellent is theoretically valid because rodents are very sensitive to sound. Studies have shown that rodents can hear an inaudible ultrasound, that is, a vibration frequency of 15 kilohertz per second. General voice or ultrasound can affect the normal activity of rodents until death. However, the effect of ultrasound on rodent is far from theoretical. Reporters learned that this kind of electronic rodent repellent appeared on the market more than 10 years ago, but until now, this kind of electronic rodent repellent cannot stand at home and abroad.
   Hunan satellite TV life lab program: is the ultrasonic rodent repellent really an effective device? The program tested the ultrasonic rodenticide: the results showed that the ultrasonic rodenticide basically no effect, rodenticide company professionals said: ultrasonic rodenticide only short-term effect, no long-term effect. It is impossible to destroy mice.
In summer, mosquito bites have become a major problem in modern people's home life. With the development of science and technology, all kinds of insect repellents with pest repellent function have appeared in recent years, and become a major component of the online shopping market every summer. At the same time, we found that in May this year, a number of insect repellent products successfully entered the Home & Kitchen Movers & Shakers list. Has the hot spot of related commodities emerged as an interesting business opportunity in the recent American and Asian markets? This report will interpret for you.
   Market Overview: $21-$24 price segment is the mainstream of the market. Keywords market TOP 50 the total sales volume of goods in the past month is 8658, and the average price of goods is $24.10. From the quantity and average sales of different price segments, we can see that the price segment of $18 - $24 is the main pricing range of hot-selling commodities in the market. In contrast, the price segment of $21 - $24 has a better market performance in the near future, which is worthy of being used as a reference for the pricing of new mainstream products at this stage. In addition, in the relatively high price range of $42 - $45, we found two multi-pack insect repellent products from the brand Campfire Stuff. These two products can rapidly increase the market sales in the short term by packaging sales. This strategy is also worth thinking about. We will analyze the representative suppliers in the commodity analysis section below.
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