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Reverse radar voice chip

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-13 08:41

The reverse radar is called "reverse collision radar". It is also called "parking auxiliary device". It is a safety auxiliary device for car parking or reversing. It is composed of ultrasonic sensors (commonly known as probes), controllers and displays (or buzzers). It can tell the driver around the obstacle with sound or more intuitionistic display, relieving the trouble caused by the driver's parking, reversing and starting the vehicle, and helping the driver remove the defect of vision and blurred sight, and improve the safety of driving.

The inverted radar voice chip is a good warning device for avoiding the rear obstacles to avoid collision. The display on the dashboard displays the distance from the rear object at any time. However, many drivers' driving habits turn their heads to observe the rear conditions and control the car, which is not time to take account of the display. Screen data. The prompt beep cannot accurately indicate the actual distance, so it is reassuring to reverse the car.

Voice chip of inverted radar voice chip:

Radar ranging: reversing the car does not look back, reversing, do not need to go back to know whether there are obstacles after the car, making parking easier and safer.

Voice distance: real female voice distance, can listen to the radar, so that visual and auditory perception at the same time, reversing no need to look back and forth.

Strict aging test to ensure the stability of quality;

Intelligent design with self-inspection and alarm function.

When reversing, the anti-collision radar is automatically opened.

The anti-jamming technology is used, and the performance is more stable.

The design is beautiful, easy to install the reverse radar special distance chip. After the radar is installed in the car, when we reverse the car, the radar will remind you, how many meters from the parking space, for example, 2 meters, 1.5 meters, 1 meters, 0.8 meters, 0.5 meters and 0.3 meters parking.

In particular, it solves the fear psychology of a novice when he reverses the car. It is accurate and convenient to read the rear space distance at any time. You can completely stop the car under the language hint. Once you enter the range of dangerous distance, the language prompts you to tell you to "stop" and "stop" with a quick sound. At this time, you are "Parking" and "Parking". You can avoid the risk of collision by stepping on the brake pedal. It's really convenient, so that the driver can't worry about it.

The main function of the inverted radar voice chip is to use the ultrasonic principle to reflect the sound wave probe after the probe is sent on the bumper of the rear bumper by using the ultrasonic principle, then the actual distance between the body and the obstacle is calculated, and then the driver is prompted, making the parking and reversing more easy and safer. . The way of reversing radar can be divided into three types: liquid crystal, language and voice, and wireless reception and wired transmission.

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