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Solar forest fireproof voice prompting device

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-07 09:05

The cases of man-made fires are increasing year by year. Many people in cities often go to nature to experience life. Especially, many donkeys often go to some natural protection areas to explore. At the same time, Qingming Festival is also the time period of most accidents in forest fires. Although warning signs are placed in many places, the visible areas of the warning signs are limited, and how to protect the natural environment more effectively, a real wide range of warning and reminding visitors, which has become a problem for many forest conservationists.

Many departments are also aware of the limitations of the word warning sign, which has begun to use the human induced prompting device in many places - the forest fireproof voice prompting device.

Solar forest fire prevention voice prompting device uses solar power supply, environmental protection for energy, moisture proof, waterproof, dust prevention and aging, wide induction range, built-in 14W power amplifier, loud sound, MP3 audio format, sound quality is better. In a circular range over 8M, as long as someone passes or goes into the monitoring area, there will be a voice broadcast (of course, the voice can be replaced independently, it can also be placed in different voice content according to the situation, the voice content can be customized), as long as the person has been in this range, it will be one. A reminder is also a warning. For some countries to protect forests, it is also notifying forest administrators that there are illegal invaders somewhere.

At present, our forest fire prevention voice prompts are widely used in the market, especially by many government agencies.

For example, in the near future, the government of Zhuhai has purchased a number of hints on Zhuhai Island, and there are some dangerous areas in the forest intensive areas on the island, which are used to remind tourists to take care of their behavior.

And Ji'nan and other places have used this voice reminder to warn people entering the forest zone, to care for the environment, to guard against forest fires... Since the installation of forest fire safety voice warning device, forest fire accidents are becoming less and less, bringing more peace to local forestry bureau and households.

Application site:
1, the sound warning of forest safety and fire protection;
2, building site safety voice prompt;
3, the safety voice prompt of the operation area of the sky car;
4, the safe voice of the reservoir surrounding the reservoir;
5. The safety voice prompting device in the mining area.
6, high voltage substation safety voice prompt;
7, the military forbidden area forbids the internal voice warning;
8, tourist attractions, attractions, branch road guidance, environmental awareness, voice prompts;
9, railway, train station safety voice prompt alarm and so on;

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