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Some question about the rat repellent device

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-19 08:59

1. What is ultrasound?

Answer: the hearing range of human ears is 16Hz to 20000Hz.. Any sound wave is higher than 20kHz, which is defined as ultrasound, because these sounds cannot be heard at all. The infrasonic waves below 16Hz are infrasonic waves, and elephants can send infrasonic waves to communicate with their counterparts within a few miles. Ultrasound has the characteristics of not penetrating obstacles, strong directivity, short propagation distance and fast attenuation.

2. Can ultrasound really repellent rat?

Answer: mice and bats are all communicating with ultrasonic waves. The rodent's hearing system is very developed. It is very sensitive to ultrasound. It can judge the source of the sound in the dark. The young mouse can send out the ultrasonic wave of 30-50kHz when it is threatened, adult rats can send out a kind of ultrasonic call for rescue when they encounter a crisis. In mating, they can also send out ultrasound to express happiness. It can be said that ultrasound is the language of the rat. The rodent's auditory system is in 200Hz-90000Hz (foreign references: Fay1988, Warfield 1973, and The Nature of Sound). If a powerful high power ultrasonic pulse is used to effectively interfere and stimulate the rat auditory system, it is unbearable, and feels panic and uneasy, showing loss of appetite and escape. And even convulsions and other symptoms, so as to achieve the purpose of expelling the rodents from their activities. That’s the principle of rat repellent device.

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