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Sound wave mosquito repellent

News by ninechip | On 2019-01-05 09:08
Mosquito repellent mobile phone software is a big hit on the Internet this summer. It is said that it can send out ultrasonic waves of male mosquitoes to drive away female mosquitoes that sting. As a result, the electronic pest repeller has been very popular.
The mosquito repellent is based on the living habits of the mosquito. The males rely on nectar and the juice of the plants to nourish them. They do not need to bite human because that is enough for them to live. Female mosquitoes, on the other hand, must suck human and animal blood before they can lay eggs. Male mosquitoes constantly emit mating sound waves, but pregnant female mosquito avoid male mosquito because they do not want to reproduce. The ultrasonic repellent uses this principle to simulate the frequency of sound emitted by the wings of male mosquitoes when they fly to scare away female mosquitoes, so as to achieve the effect of mosquito repellent.
"Sound wave" is actually generated by the vibration of mosquito wings. The frequency of vibration of mosquito wings is within the range of 250 to 1000 times per second, and the frequency of sound wave is basically between 250Hz and 1000Hz. Mosquitoes can hear the sound of other individual wings, but the frequency of the vibrations of the wings is related to the mosquito variety, and there are certain differences in the number of mosquitoes.
Most of the anti-mosquito software on mobile phones can't send out ultrasonic waves, which has no anti-mosquito effect at all. Some of the software also sends out "buzzing" sound and flashing blue light in order to distinguish the fake from the real. The actual effect will only increase the power consumption of your mobile phone. In a word, if you want to drive mosquito, you had better use the best electronic insect repellent of normal manufacturer production field.
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