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Speech-recognition technology

News by ninechip | On 2019-01-04 09:24
Today's speech technology has developed into a comprehensive technology involving acoustics, linguistics, digital signal processing, statistical models, probability and information theory, sound mechanism and auditory mechanism, artificial intelligence and other multidisciplinary technologies. Among them, the goal of speech recognition is to convert human speech into computer-readable input, such as keys, binary coding or character sequences.
In interpersonal communication, speech is one of the most natural and direct ways. As the technology advances, more and more people expect that the machines will have the ability to talk to people. Therefore, speech recognition technology is also getting more and more attention. In particular, with deep learning techniques in voice recognition, the performance of voice recognition has improved dramatically, and the ubiquity of voice recognition technology has been a reality.
Voice recognition technology can solve the problems of voice recognition in intelligent customer service dialogue and customer service voice quality inspection by pir infrared sensor. The recognition accuracy can reach the industry-leading level, greatly reducing the cost of enterprise customer service and changing the traditional customer service mode. Compared with similar technologies, it can achieve better scene migration, strong adaptability and short implementation cycle.
Automatic speech recognition technology, in fact, is the use of computers to automatically convert speech signals into text a technology on ic board. This technology is also the first and very important process for machines to understand human speech. According to the different objects recognized, speech recognition tasks can be roughly divided into three categories: isolated word recognition, keyword recognition and continuous speech recognition.
In addition, according to the voice devices and channels, voice ic can be divided into PC voice recognition, telephone voice recognition and embedded devices (mobile phone, PDA, etc.) voice recognition. Different acquisition channels will deform the acoustic characteristics of human pronunciation, so it is necessary to construct their own recognition systems.
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