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The characteristics of the use of Guangzhou voice alarm device

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-10 08:54

A voice alarm device (also called a sound alarm) is a kind of alarm signal used in dangerous places to send warning signals to people through sound and various light. The explosion-proof acousto-optic alarm is suitable for the explosive gas environment which is installed in the T6 temperature group of class II C, and can also be used in the 1 zone and 2 zone explosion-proof places with explosion-proof requirements in the petroleum, chemical industry and other industries, and can also be used in the open and outdoor. The non-coding type can be used in conjunction with the fire alarm controller of any manufacturer at home and abroad. When accidents or fires occur in the production site, the control signals sent by the fire alarm controller start the sound and light alarm circuit and send out sound and light alarm signals to complete the alarm purpose. It can also be used in conjunction with the manual alarm button to achieve simple sound and light alarm purposes. The outer shell of the alarm is full of stainless steel shell, the shock resistance of the lamp shell is strong, the 180 clear visible ultra-bright LED light emitting tube is equipped with super strong buzzer. It has the characteristics of stable work, long service life, low power consumption, and not affected by the influence of pollutants and water.

1. Fire safety acousto-optic alarm should be installed at the exit of each fire compartment. Its location should be located at the corridor of each floor near the exit of the stairs.

2, the protection object with multiple alarm areas is advised to select a fire alarm with voice prompt, and the voice should be synchronized.

3. When building multiple fire alarm alarms in the same building, all fire alarm alarms should be activated and stopped at the same time.

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