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The characteristics of the voice chip of the children's coin swing machine

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-18 08:34

1, voltage AC12-24V, or DC12-24V.

2. Play power 10-15W

3. Also support the SD card, TF card and SPI FLASH. The power up automatically identifies the external space category.

4, SPI FLASH supports 45 minutes (6K basic sampling standard) below speech length.

5, SD card supports 2G below capacity, and can play 200 hours (6K basic sampling standard) voice length.

6, the power on will start playing, the power will stop playing, and automatically remember the current playing section, then play the next voice on the radio again.

7, support ADPCM, WAV voice format, with related software.

Responsible editor (Guangzhou nine core electronic science and Technology)

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