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The effect of electronic mouse repellent device

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-20 09:38

Through the description of the listed products, it can be seen that the main function of this commodity is to make sound waves as the main function to achieve the effect of the repellent rats. The light source is only auxiliary to enhance the effect of the drive rats. The product can emit ultrasound. Scientists call the number of vibrations per second as the frequency of sound, whose unit is Hertz (Hz). The frequency of sound we can hear in human ears is 20Hz-20000Hz. Therefore, the sound wave at frequencies higher than 20000 Hz is called ultrasonic wave. The names of the different frequencies are also different, including the low frequency range from 30 to 15 0 HH, the middle and low frequency section from 15 to 500 HH, the middle and high frequency section of 500 to 5 K H and the high frequency section of 5K-16KHz. It can be clearly seen that the ultrasonic wave belongs to the high frequency section.

In the eighty-fifth chapter, the item 85.43 is clearly stated in the electrical equipment and devices with independent functions of other items, which are not listed in this chapter: most of the instruments listed in this item are combined devices of electrical products or parts (electronic tubes, transformers, capacitors, chokes, resistors, etc.) and are fully operated by electric. And there is a high frequency or intermediate frequency amplifier under this item, so I suggest that this item should be included in this item. That’s the introduction of electronic mouse repellent device.

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