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The functional characteristics of Guangzhou voice prompting vehicle speed limiter

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-16 08:46

Speed limit function: a speed limiting device with speed limit function, when the vehicle needs to limit a maximum speed, so that the driving will not exceed the set speed value. Only when driving to this speed, the speed limit button is pressed for three seconds, the speed of the vehicle is set at the highest speed, then the driver will step on the throttle, shift, and speed only limited. Within the set speed value, the accident will not happen suddenly due to the unfamiliarity of the accelerator.

Now the safety of school buses has become the focus of our attention. For speed limits of school buses and speed limiters, it is also a major measure to reduce the safety risks of school buses.

Many ways in the factory area, the vehicle in the living area will also limit the speed to avoid over-speed accidents, but there is no speed limit device, it cannot be stared at the driver, so the annual accident is also a lot. It brings great loss to the company, the manufacturer and so many families, with this product, as long as the speed is set. Degree, you can't worry about speeding.

Constant speed system: This product is also a safe constant speed cruise. If you press the fixed speed button, the speed will be locked at the corresponding speed, and the throttle will be automatically added and downloaded to control the speed accurately.

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