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The introduction of ultrasonic mouse repellent

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-20 10:23

The ultrasonic mouse repellent devices are usually placed in warehouses such as food and grain stores. It can produce a lifelike cat call, play the role of the repellent and avoid the use of mouse drug or mechanical mouse repellent to pollute the food caused by the use of mouse drug or mechanical mouse repellent, so as to ensure the safety of food. The electronic mouse repellent circuit is relatively simple. Now we choose a kind of electric rat repellent, which briefly describes the working principle and common troubleshooting. The related circuit is shown in the accompanying drawings.

1, the principle of work

The mouse repellent device consists of four parts: power supply circuit, timing circuit, cat calling circuit and power amplifier circuit. Switch on the power switch S1220V, the electricity is reduced to AC6V by fuse FU and transformer T. After rectifier FU, capacitor C1 rectification and filtering, VDl voltage regulator is +6V to power the whole machine. Because the voltage at the two ends of the capacitor C2 cannot be changed just when starting, the Icl of the integrated block is low and the output of the pin is high, and the high level is added to IC2 2 feet. The cat call special integrated block IC2 is triggered by the trigger, and the cat's call signal is output by the foot and amplified by the triode VT1 and the audio power amplifier integrated block IC3, and the sound is made by the speaker. Icl 2, 6 feet with the C2 end voltage rise, when up to about 4V (2 / 3Vcc) IC1 3 feet from high level to low level, IC2 2 feet low level, 3 feet no output, VTl, IC3 stop working, cat call stop. At this time, the C2 which is sufficiently charged is discharged through the internal circuit of RP2, VD2 and Icl pins. When the discharge makes the Icl (2) and 6 feet voltage drop to 2V (1 / 3Vcc), the circuit turns over, and the Icl foot also outputs high level IC2 and IC3 output signals, and the cat calls from the B. So it plays the role of the repellent rats. The adjustment of RP2 can change the interval time of the cat's call.

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