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The mainstream voice scheme of voice chip

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-07 09:11

Voice broadcast, this basic in any industry may be used, such as the Buddha, advertising machine, story machine, voice point reader, voice map, high-end intelligent toys, small household appliances, music equipment, stage sound machine and other products, a very wide range of applications. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for the humanized operation of some household appliances are becoming higher and higher, especially some complex products. If the function of voice playing is added to the existing system or product equipment, the user experience and value of the product will undoubtedly be promoted.

The main solutions on the market can be divided into two categories: 1, MASK and OPT.

1, it is characterized by low cost. Because such a chip must be large and cheap, because it is small, apportioned, and the cost is not low; the time of voice storage is short, the sound quality of the playback is poor, and the voice cannot be replaced repeatedly. Because that its internal implementation is to compress a voice file into a WAV file and store it directly inside the chip, which will cause the voice to be compressed very badly.

2, TTS chip scheme, although its voice broadcast is flexible, but the hard and expensive cost of voice broadcast also limits its development.

3, we launch the program, QGPH5010 standard SOP16/SOP20 package, support MP3 decoding, extensible external NOR SPI FALSH to expand the length of voice play, voice broadcast clearly compared to the sound box effect, self-encryption cannot be replaced by other voice chips and can effectively protect your product's intellectual property.

Compared to other schemes in the market, our advantage is very obvious. QGPH5EF010 and EF020/EF040 are high-performance voice chips based on OPT storage technology. The interior has a high performance 8 bit DSP processing kernel. The chip is integrated with high-power A/B audio amplifier, or PWM directly drives the speaker. The use of 16 bit Delta-Sigma DAC can guarantee good sound quality output, support cycle play, random play, one to one play and so on, very flexible; shipped as package, guaranteed good rate, no demand for quantity. As shown below, it can be clearly seen that the peripheral circuit of the hardware is extremely simple, and the BOM is cheap.

Responsible editor (Guangzhou nine core electronic science and Technology)

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