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The most popular voice module in the market, NV020S

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-11 08:55

Since its inception, NV020S has been widely welcomed by the market and sales have soared. It is one of the most popular voice modules in the industry. Compared with previous similar products in the market, the module has the following characteristics:

1. The price is low, breaking the higher price threshold of voice plug-in module.

2. High sound quality, 16bit digital DAC, up to 30K sampling makes NV020S worthy of the highest voice quality in the industry, HIFI sound quality.

3. Internal rich control mode is suitable for most occasions.

4. as many as tens of thousands of voice combination space, which can be controlled anywhere and can realize arbitrary complex voice playback.

NV020S voice module has broad prospects, thanks to the support of our customers and friends, and engineers’ hard work day and night.

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