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The price of fingerprint identification module IC voice chip module has been as low as $1.5, driving the outbreak of the smart lock Market

News by ninechip | On 2019-01-15 09:26
With the popularization of fingerprint identification chips, the smart door lock market has burst out. With the vigorous development of smart families, smart locks have been endowed with intelligent life, and smart door locks have become new products of the Internet of Things. With the cost of fingerprint identification voice module falling further, the smart door lock market will usher in a bigger explosion in 2017.

   In 2014, the price of fingerprint identification voice chip module remained at a high level of more than $10. Recently, some fingerprint identification chip suppliers have reduced their quotations to less than $1.5. In just three years, the price of fingerprint sensors has dropped rapidly.

   With the vigorous development of smart families, smart door locks have become new products of the Internet of Things. More than a decade ago, when electronic door locks became popular in Korea, the cross-strait market was still limited to hotels and some high-end residential areas. At that time, the total number of mainland smart lock enterprises was no more than 100. According to statistics, there are only a few hundred smart lock enterprises in 2015, and up to a thousand smart lock brands by 2016. Samsung Electronics, Panasonic and other international brands, Haier, TCL, Mei and other land plants with the help of previous accumulated market popularity, have a considerable advantage in the market development of smart locks; while the traditional mechanical locks brand is also increasing the product layout and extension of smart locks, many brands have entered the card market. The continued warming of the market indicates that the battle of smart locks will be more vigorous in 2016 and more new brands will join the battle in 2017, but it also reveals two messages:

1. At present, there is no star-level enterprise in this field. Everyone is racing around. So companies are betting on wisdom to lock up the market in an attempt to share in the market.
2. Wisdom locks have great potential. At present, there are more than 400 million households in the mainland, but the number of households with smart locks is less than 3%. That is 97% of households have the need to update from mechanical locks to smart locks. In addition, the number of new housing will remain relatively high vitality every year. The scale and prospects of the mainland smart lock market are considerable.