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The project of "Design, Manufacture and System Integration of IGBT Sound Chip Modules for New Energy Vehicles" was officially launched

News by ninechip | On 2019-01-14 09:38
On November 6, 2015, Shanghai Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. took the lead in the project of transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements in Shanghai, "Design, Manufacture and System Integration of IGBT Sound Chip Modules for New Energy Vehicles", which was officially launched. Shanghai Dao Zhi Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Electric Drive Co., Ltd., and Shanghai New Micro Technology Research and Development Center Co., Ltd. participated in the project. Delegates were sent to "Shanghai Advanced" to discuss the project, and the scientific committee leaders of the dry band team, deputy director of the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, gave project guidance.
   The meeting was first addressed by Zhou Wei-ping, Vice President of Shanghai Advanced. On behalf of the project participants, General Zhou expressed his gratitude to the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission for attaching importance to the market of IGBT voice module products for new energy vehicles in Shanghai, and for the support of the Shanghai IGBT chip and module design and manufacture and system integration enterprises, as well as for the joint cooperation of various project units. Zhou said that he would lead the team to actively explore the market, strive to promote the localization of new energy vehicle IGBT, aim at IGBT frontier technology, break through key technologies, promote the development of the project by application, and wish the project a successful completion.
   Liu Qi-Xing, director of "Shanghai Advanced" technology research and development, gave a general introduction to the project. The future market of new energy automobile in Shanghai is expected to be good. As the core technology of new energy automobile power system, IGBT sound chip module has a vital significance for the new energy automobile industry to realize its industrialization. "Shanghai Advanced" takes the lead in developing field-terminated IGBT chip manufacturing technology with independent intellectual property rights, establishing wafer-level on-line functional testing capabilities for high current (200A) and high voltage (8000V), establishing core technologies and management tools for vehicle IGBT chip manufacturing, on-line monitoring and quality control, and developing 1200V/150A planar field termination and 650V/150A trench. The chip design technology of slot field termination IGBT chip, mastering key technology of IGBT module manufacturing, realizing industrialized production of products, designing modular products with market competitiveness in performance and cost, developing high density integration technology of inverters using localized IGBT module, life testing and prediction technology of automobile IGBT sound module and integration of customized and highly integrated power electronic controller. Technology. At the meeting, the project units made speeches on their respective sub-topics and discussed them together.