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The rise of wireless transmission voice chip

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-09 08:46

The control of outdoor LED lights is usually controlled in three ways, one is wired control, which is gradually phased out. The other is infrared control, which is a bit low in price, but it must be relatively far away from the receiving distance of the receiving head in the visual range. The last way is wireless or 2.4G wireless control. This kind of remote control is that the control distance is relatively far away, and it can be controlled without visual scope, but the relative power consumption is relatively large. According to these advantages and disadvantages, our company has developed a new wireless data transmission mode, using ultrasonic transmission. Recently, my company engineer, after a long time groping and debugging, finally completed a kind of ultrasonic wireless transmission voice chip. Below I will explain what the transmission technology can be applied to.

1. Remote control device. Remote control from the previous infrared remote control, to the present 2.4G wireless remote control also has a long history. Today, remote control will use ultrasound. What are the points of the ultrasonic remote control? The first is the low power consumption, which is actually zero radiation. There are too many sources of radiation now. Research shows that, under the radiation of radio waves, the incidence of human beings will increase and fertility will decline, especially in men. The rate of carcinogenesis, life span and so on will vary. So there are more people today advocating zero radiation, and our supersonic transmission does not exist in radio waves, but using sound waves as a mechanical wave that we can't hear in our ears, so there is no radiation on the body. It's like ultrasound in a hospital.

2, Applied to large venues, or performance site. As long as the ultrasonic code is inserted in the music, data transmission can be realized. For example, fans can use fluorescent rods to display different colors of certain contents or lights with different data transmitted by music. This can increase the ready-made atmosphere. Or a large meeting room, the lecturer in the process of explanation, as long as there is a terminal in the hand, you can show the different pictures according to the content of the lecturer's speech.

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