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The ultrasonic mosquito repellent device in China

News by ninechip | On 2018-11-20 08:58
   In recent years, the ultrasonic mosquito repellent device has become popular in China, but the gimmicks are not only bats, but some mosquitoes have family contradictions, and female mosquitoes are annoyed to hear the sound of male mosquitoes; or mimic Dragonfly sounds to frighten mosquitoes and so on. In addition to these animal common sense, business will often give you a pile of packaging safety and non-toxic, no radiation, no pollution of the air and so on the test report, of course, only cannot be taken out of the true and effective mosquito control report.
   The ultrasonic electronic mosquito repellent device has a variant in the Internet age. It is all kinds of mosquito repellent software and APP. It is said that it can be opened from mobile phone or computer sound box to drive mosquito ultrasound. In addition to the above saying that ultrasonic mosquito repelling itself is not reliable, the bigger loophole of this variant is that mobile phones and computers cannot produce ultrasound.
   You can use a mobile phone and a computer to play the 20 Hz-20 kHz sound test that was mentioned before. It will find interesting phenomena, such as I can hear 19 kHz high tone with a headset, but I can only hear 17 kHz with a computer and a cell phone. This is because the frequency limit of the speakers of the computer and the mobile phone itself is limited, although there is always the slogan "the sound of the low sound is sweet", but in fact, most of the mobile phones or the small loudspeakers of the computer are hard to play above the 18 kHz, not to say the ultrasonic.
   So in the ultrasonic mosquito repellent device product, it may be an ultrasonic wave that does not have a practical effect on the mosquito, or just the high frequency noise that makes the users feel unbelievable. Although the volume is not enough to cause harm to the human body, it is absolutely not a way to improve the happiness index by playing high frequency noise around it for a long time.
   When we choose anti mosquito products, we sometimes pay too much attention to the so-called "natural", "non-toxic" and other labels, although these are very important for the family with babies, but the first need to consider is the effectiveness. Such as the ultrasonic mosquito repellent device which is not effective, we only lie the hope in the family contradictions between husband mosquitoes and wife mosquitoes. As a result, it will not only waste your money, but also increase the possibility that babies are bitten by mosquitoes and be infected with diseases, which is a typical harmful choice.
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