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The use and function of the forklift over-speed alarm device

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-16 08:41

First, the use and function of over-speed alarm for forklift truck:

As an important logistics transportation tool in modern industrial production, forklift truck is often running in the area of large factory people, and its safe driving always restricts the operation of other departments, but the management of the enterprise cannot be supervised every moment. How to supervise the safety of the transportation tools such as forklift trucks A lot of the management of the enterprise is in a state of mind; forklift speed limit alarm is beginning to burst its value. Remind the driver to slow down by speeding alarm and remind the surrounding people to pay attention to safety.

The forklift over-speed alarm adopts advanced micro computer control technology, visual digital display, two level speed detection, multi-level alarm control, and can carry out high fidelity voice alarm, set the detection speed and voice with power down retention function. When the speed exceeds the specified time of the system, the alarm keeps the maximum speed of the speed of the over-speed. Even if the power is pulled out, the alarm will be alarm and the maximum speed is displayed at the speed of over-speed until the administrator uses a special remote control to remove the alarm.

This series of products contains two sensing methods, one of which can be used only: one is a conventional metal sensor, the other is a wireless sensor.

Two. Working principle of speed limit alarm for forklift truck

The forklift speed limiter principle uses the forklift speed detector (sensor) detection, and then inputs the data into the forklift over-speed alarm system, for example, the over-speed will control the alarm loudspeaker, the alarm lamp, and even break the oil path to reach the speed limit function of the forklift.

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