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There are many ways to repellent birds. You can mention a few good suggestions if you have!

News by ninechip | On 2018-07-18 08:51

Summer is a good season for all kinds of fruits to mature. After half a year's hard labor, fruit growers will soon usher in a good harvest season. But for all the orchard planted in the field, especially those planted in the hillside hills, they often suffer from the pecking damage of wild birds (also pecking shoots) when the fruit is fast ripening, even a considerable portion of the fruit surface is damaged, and the value of commodities is greatly reduced. To some extent, orchards, especially large orchards, it is important measures for fruit growers to do the bird repellent and protect the fruits of labor and increase production.

In the past, many fruit growers were poisonous birds to protect the fruit. In fact, most birds pecking fruit were beneficial birds, many were also national animals, birds were friends of human beings. We should not hurt them, and the birds also easily offended the law; in addition, in recent years, we have long and large area of human application. The use of pesticides to control the pests on the trees in the field makes the food source of the birds rapidly decrease. In the summer fruit maturity, the hungry wild birds often "steal" in the orchard, but they are also for the sake of physiological survival. So we use the bird repellent devices.

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